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Marketing Resources
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C-o-s-t- E-s-t-i-m-a-t-e-s

For each project, a detailed proposal will be submitted for review and acceptance by the client. This proposal provides an opportunity to gain a mutual understanding of the project’s scope and purpose and includes a timeline with milestones for both Marketing Resources and the client. The proposal will also include a cost estimate based on an hourly rate and the number of hours expected to complete the project. Typically, to begin a project, a deposit of 30% is required, followed by payments of 30% at an agreed-upon “In-Process Review” and 40% (plus any extraneous expenses) due upon delivery of the final materials to the client.

Marketing Resources operates under a policy of “no surprises” where costs are involved. In most cases, no effort resulting in cost beyond that outlined in the proposal will be undertaken without prior consent of the client. Often, clients make requests to agencies for changes that result in unexpected charges, such as edits after film has been produced or overnight shipping charges. This often leads to exceeded budgets and client dissatisfaction. While sometimes such unforeseen changes are unavoidable, clear, considerate communication in advance can provide an opportunity to consider alternatives or, at least, eliminate the shock of seeing additional charges on the final invoice.

When printed materials are involved, Marketing Resources will act on a client’s behalf in obtaining cost estimates and, most often, supervising the final production of the printed piece. Payment for printing services, however, is arranged between the printer and the client directly. A charge for hours to be spent in production supervision will be included in the Marketing Resources proposal, eliminating the need for any mark up of printing charges.

These proposal and payment procedures have been designed to facilitate a smooth, productive relationship between Marketing Resources and clients. In every case, up-front understanding of terms and conditions by both parties results in more efficient project completion.

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