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Marketing Resources
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Marketing Resources
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  M-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g- R-e-s-o-u-r-c-e-s

In June, 1992, I established Marketing Resources to provide marketing communications services to companies in the suburban-Boston area. Having served as Manager of Marketing Communications with two software companies, I had gained experience in all facets of MarCom—from trade shows and seminar series, advertising and collateral development, to marketing plans and budgeting. My varied projects involved using in-house resources as well as coordinating the efforts of outside agencies and vendors. After several years on the client side, I was certain I could provide marketing communications services efficiently and effectively as a freelance professional, assisting small companies with no internal marketing resources and supplementing the resources of larger corporations.

Since the founding of Marketing Resources, I have served clients in a wide range of industries and varying in size from individual consultants to multi-million dollar international corporations. My services have included copywriting, design, layout, event management, presentation development, and, most recently, website design. Each project is still approached with enthusiasm and a dedication to helping every client project a professional image and achieve marketing goals within budget restraints.


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