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The Homes at Andover Country Club

Welcome to Andover, one of Massachusetts’ most prestigious communities. Since its founding in 1646, Andover’s beauty, proximity to Boston, and relaxed family atmosphere have made it one of the most sought-after towns in the commonwealth.

Stroll through the heart of this charming community and discover Phillips-Andover Academy—the oldest boarding school in the country—gracefully symbolizing Andover’s commitment to its superb educational system, which provides unmatched opportunities for growth and learning for its young residents. The elegant architecture and serene landscape of this world-renowned school demonstrate the town’s dedication to tradition and appreciation of the importance of the family.

Relax and enjoy the perfect balance of Andover’s quaint New England setting and the sophistication of a carefully developed and managed suburban village. Full of the energy and vitality of the present, this prestigious town remains rich in American heritage and tradition—evident in numerous historical downtown buildings and the well-preserved town property. You will be greeted by a wealth of organized community and family activities, exemplifying the vibrant spirit of this society. Hundreds of acres of tranquil conservation land offer recreation areas for boating, hiking, swimming, and family outings. And a quick, 21-mile commute to Boston brings additional cultural, business, and retail environments within easy reach.


Within The Homes at Andover Country Club, Yvon Cormier Construction Corporation is dedicated to building your exquisite dream home. Mr. Cormier, the esteemed owner of Andover Country Club, has been developing exclusive communities on Massachusetts’ North Shore since 1962. Through his unique, innovative floor plans and striking interior craftsmanship, Mr. Cormier has earned a distinguished reputation of building residences of uncompromising quality with a most caring attention to detail.


The Homes at Andover Country Club, along with the scenic golf course and grounds, are set on a total of more than 400 acres of beautiful, lush, terrain. You may select a site neighboring the golf course, or one nestled in the natural landscape—still sharing spectacular, panoramic views of the fairways. The Andover Country Club, a Donald Ross design, was founded in the 1926 and is, today, one of the most recognized in New England for its beauty, challenge, and amenities. As a resident of The Homes at Andover Country Club, you will have easy access to the club’s elite dining facilities, as well as the meticulous course and soon to be constructed swimming pool and tennis courts.


The architects and designers of The Homes at Andover Country Club are available to customize one of our many, unique Contemporary French Colonial plans to build your very own dream home. We are ready to work with you in any way to adapt your personal plans and ideas to suit the standards and guidelines of this exclusive development.

Each property at The Homes at Andover Country Club is carefully planned to complement the beauty of the natural, secluded surroundings, while assuring a relaxed, community atmosphere with family lifestyle in mind. The exquisite design and fine workmanship of the Yvon Cormier Construction Corporation architects, contractors, and interior designers will ensure your delight with the property you select and customize in this extraordinary setting.